Invitation for pre-qualification

Ministry of Economy, within the "Energy Efficiency Program in Public Buildings" - phase II, announced invitation for pre-qualification of the bidders for tender for performing of the works on implementation of the energy efficiency measures in following facilities:


Cluster I

  1. Primary school "Milan Vukotić", Golubovci
  2. Secondary school  "Slobodan Škerović", Podgorica
  3. Resource centre "1. jun", Podgorica
  4. Resource centre for children and youth "Podgorica", Podgorica


The objective of the program is to improve energy efficiency, comfort and working conditions in selected educational, social and administrative buildings, which are under jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education, Property Authority and Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare. The overall objective is to contribute to global climate protection and sustainable development of Montenegro.


Invitation for pre-qualification