Institutional Framework

Ministry of Economy through the Directorate for Energy Efficiency is competent for creating and implementing energy efficiency policy. Directorate for Energy Efficiency was established in November 2009. On the basis of the Act on Systematization and Organization 8 job positions were planned. Currently, the Directorate employs 5 staff members including a Deputy Minister, and three temporary consultants.  


The main objectives and mission of the Directorate for Energy Efficiency arise from the competences of the Ministry of Economy related to the EE and according to the best EU practice. The main objectives include:

  1. Identification, analysis and proposition of technically possible and cost effective policies and measures for EE improvement related to the energy consumption side.
  2. Encouraging and promoting activities directed to savings and other EE activities, as well as reducing negative environmental impacts caused by energy conversions in energy consumption processes.
  3. Promotion of RE use and use of other non-traditional sources with low environmental impact.
  4. Promotion and participation in sharing knowledge and information with similar authorities of other countries and with international institutions and associations active in the EE field.


Budget Law for 2006 approved the establishment of a separate consumer unit (Energy Efficiency Fund) as a separate account within the budget unit of the Ministry of Economy. The Energy Efficiency Fund aims to support implementation of programs and projects of EE.