Directorate for Energy Efficiency is the central institution for energy efficiency in Montenegro and, as such, it coordinates or it is involved in the implementation of many projects and activities related to energy efficiency.

Here (in the left menu) you can find more information about important projects in the field of energy efficiency which Ministry implements jointly with international and local partners: 

  1. MEEP - Montenegrin Energy Efficiency Project
  2. EEPPB - Energy Efficiency Program in Public Buildings
  3. MONTESOL - Interest-free credit line for installation of solar-thermal systems for households
  4. ENERGY WOOD - Interest-free credit line for installation of heating systems on modern biomass fuels (pellets, briquettes) for households
  5. SOLARNI KATUNI - Project related to installation of photovoltaic solar systems in summer pasture lands
  6. GIZ-ASE - Project of Energy Efficiency Improvement in Montenegro
  7. TA-EnCT - Technical assistance for the implementation of the Energy Community Treaty