Having in mind the complex situation in the power system of Montenegro, caused by adverse hydrological conditions, as well as significantly more difficult procurement opportunities for EPCG to procure insufficient quantities of electricity necessary for safe and orderly power supply of consumers, the Government of Montenegro in cooperation with the EPCG and media partners launched a campaign in order to raise awareness of all consumers regarding rational and efficient use of energy.



The action is focused on three sectors which can contribute in different ways in order to overcome the situation, as follows: local self-governments, big consumers and citizens as end energy users.


Appeal to local self-governments involves the implementation of activities that lead to a more rational consumption and more efficient use of electricity, as well as the power supply restriction regarding consumers in a way that it does not significantly jeopardize the operation and quality of services of bodies, agencies, and public companies within the local self-government.


Big customers are expected to urgently draw up an operational plan that would establish specific and applicable measures to ensure rational and efficient energy consumption and which do not substantially adversely affect the quality of products and/or services, or the quality of comfort in their working premises.


The campaign is intended for citizens, and it will be implemented in the future. It will include giving advice on rational and efficient use of electricity, and advice will be distributed through media partners in the initiative. Rational and efficient use of energy will reduce the burden on the household budget.


Studies done so far on the subject of rational and efficient consumption of electricity, as well as on substitution of electricity with other forms of energy, clearly indicate that there is a considerable potential for achieving energy savings by implementing free or low-cost organizational measures. We appeal to consumers to consider the initiative with due care and to make their full contribution in order to mitigate the above mentioned energy situation and to reduce unintended consequences.